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With so many groups, it can be difficult to sort out each one’s distinctive sound. To make this easier, you can find a list of the groups below with information about who they are as well as videos of many of the groups performing live.

After Dark

Since their founding in 2001, After Dark has been performing, achieving, and looking good all the while. They pride themselves on performing a wide array of music and creating interesting and fun arrangements. Each year After Dark hosts a joint Fall concert and a two-night Spring concert, competes in ICCA (most recently winning 3rd place and Best Vocal Percussion in the 2024 ICCA Midwest Quarterfinal), and performs gigs around St. Louis. In addition to their live performances, After Dark has released five full-length studio albums and 4 EPs, including their new EP After Party (2024) available now on Spotify and iTunes!

Email any questions you have to . We can’t wait to hear you!

Watch After Dark perform their 2024 ICCA Set
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The Amateurs

Founded almost 30 years ago by a group of friends with a love of music, The Amateurs are one of WashU’s oldest award-winning mixed-gender a cappella groups. They have traveled across the country to perform and compete in national a cappella festivals, going everywhere from New York’s Radio City Music Hall in 2020 to opening for artists at Ryman Auditorium to the stages of America’s Got Talent and Sing it On!

The Amateurs compete regularly, most recently winning Outstanding Soloist and Outstanding Arrangement at the 2019 ICCA Midwest Semifinals, Best Arrangement at VoiceJam in 2018, and crowned champions of the 2017 ICCA Midwest Quarterfinals. As of 2021, the Amateurs have released 9 studio albums to date, including a track selected for Ben Folds Presents: University A Cappella! and recently released their new music video, “Probably Up”! And at the end of the day, the Amateurs always stay true to their motto: “Do it because you love it.”

Contact or (262)-349-5412 with any questions or performance requests.

Watch the Amateurs’ 2019 ICCA Midwest Semifinals performance!
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The Aristocats

Founded in 2005, The Aristocats are WashU’s premier Disney a cappella group. They sing tracks from classic Disney movies, Disney Channel TV shows, and more. Every February, they deliver singing Valentine-Grams to spread Disney magic around campus, and in the past, they’ve performed on FOX News with Brad Kane, the original voice of Aladdin, and at the STL Comic Con! Most recently, they sang for the creator of Lemonade Mouth and got their performance of “She’s So Gone” featured on the official Lemonade Mouth Twitter! Though they are often busy spreading Disney magic, they spend most of their time hanging out with each other and laughing too loudly in public.

If you have any questions for them, please contact their auditions coordinator, at or visit their website above. They can’t wait to sing with you!

Watch The Aristocats perform “I’ll Make a Man Out of You”
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The Ghost Lights

The Ghost Lights are WashU’s premier all-gender soundtrack a cappella group founded in 2010. In the last few years, they’ve performed music from Broadway, movies, TV shows, and video games at their three annual concerts (one of which is always in the underpass… and always featuring Halloween costumes!). They also do several gigs on and off-campus each year.

All of their songs are chosen by the group and arranged by members. The Ghost Lights love telling stories through music, as well as over brunch and late-night snacks. You can usually find them laughing or singing together (sometimes both at the same time).

For more information, you can visit them at their website above or email them at with questions, concerns, or pictures of your pets. They look forward to hearing from you!

Watch The Ghost Lights perform “Unwritten”
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The Evergreens

The Evergreens, formerly known as the Greenleafs, are Washington University’s second oldest a cappella group and premiere treble a cappella group. The group was founded in 1988, and its members have collectively eaten more cookie cake than anyone thought was humanly possible. Each fall, the Evergreens host their annual concert, Green Eggs and Jam, at which they sing music from a number of genres and feature both a visiting group and other WashU performance groups. They also hold a more casual spring concert to showcase some new material and send off their senior Greenies in style. They hold auditions each fall, so if you want to make amazing friendships and great music, come try out!

For more information, you can visit them on social media at the links below.

Watch The Evergreens perform “I’ll Be Waiting”
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More Fools Than Wise

Founded in 1998, More Fools Than Wise is Wash U’s premier folk, chamber, and jazz a cappella group. Their repertoire has expanded to include modern choral music, vocal jazz, American folk, and even some popular music. Fools sings at high-class venues around St. Louis, with regular performances at the Ritz, The Four Seasons Hotel, and dinner parties for the Chancellor. They also perform at events around campus and hold a concert each semester. Fools enjoys giving back to the STL community with performances at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital. They love cluster chords, ice cream parties, and spontaneous singing!

Learn more about the group at Hope to see you at auditions!

Watch More Fools Than Wise perform “Loch Lomond”

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Mosaic Whispers

Mosaic Whispers is WashU’s oldest co-ed a cappella group; having celebrated their 25th birthday at their annual concert in Graham Chapel in 2016! They sing music from every genre and tour each fall and spring with recent stops in Chicago, San Diego, New York, Washington D.C., and Boston. The Whispers compete internationally, with a recent first place finish at the 2017 ICCA Midwest Quarterfinals and a performance at Broadway’s Beacon Theater in the 2016 ICCA Finals. Last year they competed as finalists at the National A Cappella Convention in Memphis. Their 11 studio albums have received praise from a cappella critics, including 2 RARB top tracks of the year from their latest album Oasis (2018), which can be found on iTunes and Spotify.

Visit to learn more about the Whisper family!

Watch Mosaic Whispers perform their 2016 ICCA Finals set
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The Pikers

The Pikers are Washington University’s oldest a cappella group. Founded in 1985, the Pikers enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame a decade later for their controversial performance as prosecution exhibit #12 in the O.J. Simpson trial (ask your parents). Every January, the Pikers host Jammin’ Toast, a two night concert that packs Graham Chapel with students, music, and laughs.

Watch The Pikers perform “Hey Ya”
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Reverb is WashU’s premier all-gender community service a cappella group. Since its conception in 2017, Reverb has focused on making singing accessible to ALL by sharing and performing music across campus and throughout the St. Louis area. In the past, Reverb has performed for community-oriented events like Relay for Life, WashU’s Give Thanks Give Back, the Sickle Cell Anemia Gala, and events with St. Louis Society for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Reverb is multi-genre, performing songs by artists such as Nina Simone, Måneskin, Ariana Grande, and The Beatles. Reverb arranges all of their songs and choreography each semester.
In the coming semesters, Reverb is looking forward to singing all over St. Louis, drinking lots of tea, and making lots of memories in the process!

You can learn more about the group at their website above, or you can email  with any questions!

Watch Reverb perform “Same Old Blues”

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The Sensasians

The Sensasians are WashU’s premier Asian interest a cappella group, but seriously, you don’t have to be Asian to join! They specialize in fresh, bilingual mashups that showcase a passion for music from around the world. Though they were only founded in 2009, they have won awards in back-to-back ICCA seasons, including a first place finish at the 2016 ICCA Midwest Quarterfinal and a third-place finish at the 2022 ICCA Midwest Quarterfinal. All musical arrangements are written by members of the group! Recent performances have included songs like “Ditto” by NewJeans, “Chosen Family” by Rina Sawayama, and a Studio Ghibli mashup created by their very own Ghibli-obsessed group members.

Looking to listen to some Sensasians bops/jams? You can check out their two EPs on iTunes or Spotify: “New Kids on the Wok” and “21st Sentury.” Please go to their website linked above for more information, and feel free to email them at if you have any questions. Looking forward to seeing you at auditions!

Watch The Sensasians perform their 2022 ICCA set

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Staam is Wash U’s premiere (and only!) Jewish a cappella group, with 50% Jewish membership. They sing music in both English and Hebrew that is written or performed by Jewish artists like Ariana Grande, Billy Joel, and Bruno Mars, featured in original arrangements written by group members. Notable arrangements have included “Stay,” “California Dreamin’,” “Sweet Caroline,” and “Ani Noladeti.” In the spring, Staam sings on tour all over the country (most recently, they’ve been to LA, NYC, Chicago, and Philadelphia) and occasionally competes in national competitions (winning Audience Favorite at the 2014 Kol HaOlam National Jewish A Cappella Competition in Washington, D.C.). Staam is bonded by a shared love for music, stretch-ins, and oral rehydration therapy (is curing cholera).

To learn more about Staam, visit them at the link above or email Emily Hao with any questions at . All are welcome—you do not have to be Jewish to audition!

Check out Staam’s Spotify here

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The Stereotypes

The Stereotypes are a TTBB (all tenor and bass) a cappella group from Washington University in St. Louis. Founded in 2001 as a fresh take on “stereotypical” a cappella, they sing music from genres ranging from pop and rock to soul and folk (and some originals)!

Their arrangements are all completely original and made by members or group alumni! They approach singing with a performance mindset, engaging their audience and communicating each song’s individual message.

They are best known for our annual concert, Mr. Stereotype, where they each embody their own “stereotype” and compete in their world-famous a cappella beauty pageant, all while coming together to put on an incredible vocal performance! Also notable are their performances at Carnegie Hall in NYC, BOSS (an a Cappella festival in Boston), and the ICCA competitions, reaching the finals in 2011 and semifinals in 2014, 2015, 2017, and recently in 2019. They’ve released 5 critically acclaimed studio albums which are available on Apple Music and Spotify.

Watch The Stereotypes’ perform at their fall concert of 2021
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Sur Taal Laya

Founded in 2018, Sur Taal Laya, or STL, is WashU’s premier Bollywood fusion a cappella group combining classic Bollywood hits with popular Western music. Sur corresponds to a musical note, Taal, the beat or rhythm which binds a composition in time, and Laya, the tempo of a composition. Together, Sur, Taal, and Laya create a complete musical experience and are therefore the namesakes of their group. They are a tight knit group that love to mess around but have also competed at competitions across the nation and qualified for the ICCA quarterfinals in 2019. They are also one of the groups that perform at Diwali each November. 

Email us at if you have any questions!

Watch STL perform Manwa Lage / Kal Ho Naa Ho

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